Tri-Laminate Longbow


Hickory, Ash, Ipe laminated longbow – £300.00 to 70lb, £380.00 above 70lb



Hickory, Ash/WO, Ipe Laminated Longbow

This has all the features and options available with the hickory backed ipe/lemonwood two-laminate bow, but is a superior longbow capable of well over 100lb draw weight and better  performance. In lower weights also gives faster, smoother performance than the two-laminate. Backing is of top quality American hickory and belly is of ipe or lemonwood.  Lighter bows can be made with a belly of attractive yellow balau/bangkirai wood. The middle lamination is of a variety of woods.  Most commonly this is ash or American white oak – the former having a harder action but tending to produce more speed, while the latter produces a very smooth pleasant action.  Other woods used for the middle lamination include lighter varieties of ipe or yellow balau (bangkirai) The middle lamination acts a shock-absorber and also a lighter spacer between the back and belly laminations, creating a stave with less overall mass and thus higher speed and less shock.

Black buffalo horn nocks and arrow plate available.  A leather (or synthetic leather) handle is an option if desired.  Also there is the choice of conventional front-grooved nocks or medieval style side nocks.  As with all of my bows, if you do not wish to have any animal products used to make your bow, I will make nocks of the same design and inlaid arrow plate from an attractive contrasting hardwood instead of horn.


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