Longbows for Sale / Current Stock

I make bows primarily to order, but I also keep a varied stock of bows to buy ‘off the peg’. You may find what you want here – that means you will not have to wait for me to make it! But if you do not, do not hesitate to contact me to place an order for the bow of the exact specifications you want.

The following bows are new stock offered for sale ‘off the peg’. They are available for immediate despatch or collection upon purchase.

3 Laminate: Hickory back, ipe core, Lemonwood belly. 77#@28″/85#@30″, 72″ long. £420.00

3 Laminate: Hickory, American white oak core, ipe belly. 50#@28″/55#@30″, 76″ long. £340.00

3 Laminate: Hickory, American white oak core, Lemonwood belly. Youth bow. 26#@28″, 74″ long. £240.00

2 Laminate: Hickory backed ipe. 48#@28″/52#@30″, 76″ long. £300.00

Hickory backed ash. 40#@28″. 70″ long. £225.00

Ash laminate. 42#@28″/45#@30″. 76″ long. £225.00

Ash Laminate. 38#@28″/42#@30″. 76″ long. £225.00

Ash Laminate. 35#@28″/40#@30″. 76″ long. £225.00