East Kent Warbow Society (EKWS)

The East Kent Warbow Society was borne out of an idea to hold a medieval archery shoot in Kent. With the closure of some groups / societies and others being too far away. We decided to create something in Kent that catered for the older type of bow and the heavier poundage bows. Jason from Canterbury Medieval Combat and Nick from Classic Bowyer set about putting this together.

Unfortunately we fell foul of COVID! …I tested COVID positive myself at the time of our initial shoot in February, however public confidence was still low regarding gatherings. So sadly we did not manage to get off the ground earlier this year when we intended.


The aim is to build people up to shoot 70lbs plus warbows, but understand that will not be a starting point for most people.

Stay in touch with the East Kent Warbow Society via it’s Facebook page for developments and hopefully launch of a warbow group in the near future!