Products Summary

Hickory Backed Ipe Longbow – £ 300.00 to 70lb £ 380.00 above 70lb

Any draw weight, bows tailored to suit target archery, field archery, clout, roving & re-enactment.  A tough, reliable bow giving fast, accurate and hard-hitting performance.  Black buffalo horn nocks and arrow plate.

Tri-Laminate longbow:
Hickory, Ash, Ipe longbow – £340.00 to 70lb £420.00 above 70lb

A really ‘serious’ bow capable of well over 100lb draw weight and superior performance.  In lower weights also gives faster, smoother performance than above.  Black buffalo horn nocks and arrow plate.

With both of above, if you do not wish to have any animal products used to make your bow, I will make nocks of the same design and inlaid arrow plate from an attractive contrasting hardwood instead of horn. 

Self Ash basic longbow- £175.00

A simple, straightforward medieval bow – styled after those illustrated in the Luttrel Psalter.  Self nocks and ‘bowyers mark’ at arrow-pass.  A simple entry-level longbow suitable for traditional archery and re-enactment (in very low weights).  Weight up to around 40lb. 

Optional add-on extras available at extra cost:

  • Horn Nocks £20
  • Leather Handle £15
  • Horn Arrow Plate £5

Other woods available and natural-stave self-bows occasionally available

Laminated Ash Longbow ~ £200.00

Still an entry-level bow but with significantly superior performance and durability than the above.  Shoots very nicely.  An ash backing on an ash stave.  A basic bow as above with the optional extras (priced as above).  Price with all extras – £225.00. Weights to around 60lb max.

All of the above can made incorporating ‘Period’ styles and features such as Dark-Age and Viking as well as the usual medieval / Tudor.

D.I.Y Laminated Staves

Hickory backed ipe £80

3 Laminate Hickory/Ash or White Oak/Ipe £100

Both of above supplied with a pair of black buffalo horn blanks for nocks and horn sliver for arrow plate.

If you want your stave marked out for the size of bow you want to make – add £20

Longbow Strings

Flemish twist single or double loop:

Dacron B55 – £10

Dyneema – £15

Canvas Bow Case

Simple, plain buff canvas bow bag with tie-cord – £15