Hickory Backed Ipe/Lemonwood Longbow





Hickory Backed Ipe Longbow 

Top quality American hickory backing on a tough ipe or lemonwood stave.  Lighter bows may be made with a belly of yellow balau or bangkirai – an alternative attractive looking and good performing  hardwood. These bows are smooth, fast and provide very satisfying performance.  Tillered in the medieval full-compass profile, every inch of the stave stores energy and is very efficient, yet draws easily and discharges smoothly with little hand-shock due to the tapering and fine-forming of the limbs.

These bows are available designed to the customers unique requirements and will be designed to perform to the optimum degree for the style of archery the customer wants it for.  You might want a general purpose bow which I can produce with a blend of characteristics making it able to acquit itself well in all archery settings.  However you might want a steady shooting target bow or a slightly more compact hard-hitting field bow, or indeed you may want a bow designed to return the kind of performance required to perform well at the ever more popular roving clout shooting.

Black buffalo horn nocks and arrow plate. A leather (or synthetic leather) handle is an option if desired. Also there is the choice of conventional front-grooved nocks or medieval style side nocks

The vast majority of my bows are indeed formed from a single stave with a full-compass through-action.  However I sometimes will make one from two billets, joined at the handle.  Then of course it cannot have a true full-compass tiller, but other advantages can be built in such as a set-back handle producing very good range performance.  This mode of construction can be an advantage in light draw weights.  I will always state if I offer a bow for sale and it has been made this way, but I can also produce one to order if that is what you want.     I am also looking at offering carriage-bows i.e. take-down longbows that slot together with metal ferrules (a bit like the sections of a fishing rod) under the handle and come apart into two separate limbs for storage/transport …Watch this space!


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