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Most of my longbows, I make in a generic style with a small range of options (i.e. handle or not, front vs. side nocks) for additional historical authenticity if desired.  However, I also will make bows in a more dedicated historial style from various eras, which are no less serious archery bows – just created to emulate other Northern European historial scenarios where the longbow has featured.

My various replica types are priced as per construction/composition of the bow (available in all constructions and woods I use).  I will make a working bow to an historical style ranging from the ‘Saxon’ migration era (based upon the 4th century Danish Nydam bows), through the Viking era based on various bows such as the Ballinderry and Hedeby longbows, through to English medieval and Tudor styles.  Please feel free to contact me and discuss your exact requirements if you want anything like this.  I produce all styles in serious archery weights up to warbow weights, as well as light re-enactment weight.

I am also researching and experimenting with other styles all the time such as Norman and Anglo-Norman as well as earlier medieval (prior to 14th Century).  At this time the bow in the British Isles seemed to be less formalised as the ‘longbow’ as we know it.  Military archery existed alongside much civilian archery – pursued for various legal and illegal hunting, poaching and sporting activities.  Bowyers would make bows ranging from as little as 4′-4 1/2′ up to 6’+ depending very much upon strength required and intended purpose of the bow (as well as length and quality of wood available no doubt).  I may produce replicas/approximations of these early medieval bows depending upon results of testing and whether they shoot well in the way that archers today might want/find useful.


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